Shuping Gong

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—An experiment is carried out to measure the power consumption of households. The analysis on the real measurement data shows that the significant change of power consumption arrives in a Poisson manner. Based on this experiment, a novel wireless communication scheme is proposed for the advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) in smart grid that can(More)
—Many operations in power grids, such as fault detection and event location estimation, depend on precise timing information. In this paper, a novel time stamp attack (TSA) is proposed to attack the timing information in smart grid. Since many applications in smart grid utilize synchronous measurements and most of the measurement devices are equipped with(More)
Security becomes an extremely important issue in smart grid. To maintain the steady operation for smart power grid, massive measurement devices must be allocated widely among the power grid. Previous studies are focused on false data injection attack to the smart grid system. In practice, false data injection attack is not easy to implement, since it is not(More)
—The communication for the control of distributed energy generation (DEG) in microgrid is discussed. Due to the requirement of realtime transmission, weak or no explicit channel coding is used for the message of system state. To protect the reliability of the uncoded or weakly encoded messages, the system dynamics are considered as a 'nature encoding'(More)