Shuoyang Ding

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This paper is concerned with building linguistic resources and statistical parsers for deep grammatical relation (GR) analysis of Chinese texts. A set of linguistic rules is defined to explore implicit phrase structural information and thus build high-quality GR annotations that are represented as general directed dependency graphs. The reliability of this(More)
This paper describes the submission of Johns Hopkins University for the shared translation task of ACL 2016 First Conference on Machine Translation (WMT 2016). We set up phrase-based, hierarchical phrase-based and syntax-based systems for all 12 language pairs of this year’s evaluation campaign. Novel research directions we investigated include: neural(More)
This paper describes the Johns Hopkins University submissions to the shared translation task of EMNLP 2017 Second Conference on Machine Translation (WMT 2017). We set up phrase-based, syntax-based and/or neural machine translation systems for all 14 language pairs of this year’s evaluation campaign. We also performed neural rescoring of phrasebased systems(More)
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