Shuo Qiu

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Keyword search on encrypted data allows one to issue the search token and conduct search operations on encrypted data while still preserving keyword privacy. In the present paper, we consider the keyword search problem further and introduce a novel notion called attribute-based proxy re-encryption with keyword search (ABRKS), which introduces a promising(More)
Computing similarity, especially Jaccard Similarity, between two datasets is a fundamental building block in big data analytics, and extensive applications including genome matching, plagiarism detection, social networking, etc. The increasing user privacy concerns over the release of has sensitive data have made it desirable and necessary for two users to(More)
In this paper, we address the problem of multi-party privacy-preserving matching (PPM) over the encrypted data. We firstly construct an efficient identity-based re-encryption scheme like ElGmal (IBR-ElGmal) using combined public keys, which not only ensures the privacy of the information during the transmission process but also holds perfect multiplicative(More)
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