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Cloud computing plays a significant role in big data era since it can provide dynamic, scalable virtual resource services via the Internet. However, how to enhance the security level of cloud computing is a challenging issue which is urgently to be tackled. In this paper, we center on the data security in cloud computing and present an attribute based proxy(More)
Computing similarity, especially Jaccard Similarity, between two datasets is a fundamental building block in big data analytics, and extensive applications including genome matching, plagiarism detection, social networking, etc. The increasing user privacy concerns over the release of has sensitive data have made it desirable and necessary for two users to(More)
Seedling development, accumulation and distribution of lead (Pb) in Iris lactea var. chinensis (Fisch.) Koidz. and I. tectorum Maxim. were studied using plants grown in sand culture and exposed to 0-10 mmol l(-1) concentrations of Pb supplied as Pb(NO3)(2) for 28 days. A significant reduction in dry weight (dw) of shoots and roots of I. lactea var.(More)
BACKGROUND/AIM To determine if early passage tumor cells obtained from patients with mesothelioma continue to express the tumor differentiation antigen mesothelin and their sensitivity to the anti-mesothelin immunotoxin SS1P. MATERIALS AND METHODS Cell cultures were established from ascites or pleural effusion of 6 peritoneal and 3 pleural mesothelioma(More)
A private set intersection (PSI) protocol enables two parties to privately compute the intersection of their inputs. Most of its previous versions are unilateral, that is, only one party can learn the intersection and the other learns nothing. Many applications require that both parties can obtain the final result. What's more, all of the previous PSI(More)
Attribute-based encryption with keyword search (ABKS) enables data owners to grant their search capabilities to other users by enforcing an access control policy over the outsourced encrypted data. However, existing ABKS schemes cannot guarantee the privacy of the access structures, which may contain some sensitive private information. Furthermore,(More)
In many industrial applications of big data, the Jaccard Similarity Computation has been widely used to measure the distance between two profiles or sets respectively owned by two users. Yet, one semi-honest user with unpredictable knowledge may also deduce the private or sensitive information (e.g., the existence of a single element in the original sets)(More)
In this paper, we address the problem of multi-party privacy-preserving matching (PPM) over the encrypted data. We firstly construct an efficient identity-based re-encryption scheme like ElGmal (IBR-ElGmal) using combined public keys, which not only ensures the privacy of the information during the transmission process but also holds perfect multiplicative(More)
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