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B3G wireless networks are expected to be characterized by the pouring of diversified services supported by different operators. In parallel with this, how to efficiently utilize the limited radio spectrum and guarantee the operator¿s profits has become a joint economical and technical problem. As a possible solution, in this paper, we set forth a novel(More)
Learning Dependency-Based Compositional Semantics Suppose we want to build a system that answers a natural language question by representing its semantics as a logical form and computing the answer given a structured database of facts. The core part of such a system is the semantic parser that maps questions to logical forms. Semantic parsers are typically(More)
This article researChes for 10kV transmission cable form the ground substation to the underground central substation in the coal mine. The transient traveLing wave signal of the cable fault is disposed by the wavelet transformation based on the cable traveLing wave transmission theory. The traveLing wave head of the cable fault can be more accurately(More)
As the fast development of the global information, Internet goes into the society; the economy; the culture and every corner in our life. The popularity of the e-commence gradually forms a global market and an international commercial network which can totally change people’ living way and the commercial function mode. The article is about the(More)
This paper proposes a design of wireless sensor network gateways based on ARM to solve the poor performance of the network, and low efficiency of communication, which is caused by the poor computing capacity and limited bandwidth in wireless sensor network (WSN). The paper introduces the composition and characteristics of the gateways, and the design of(More)
BACKGROUND Pelvic organ prolapse (POP) is a major health problem in adult women that involves many factors. No proteomic analysis has been conducted exclusively in POP patients. This study aimed to identify the differential expression of proteins that may be involved in POP by proteomic analysis. METHODS Samples of the uterosacral ligament (USL) were(More)
Users may access full items free of charge; copies of full text items generally can be reproduced, displayed or performed and given to third parties in any format or medium for personal research or study, educational or not­for­profit purposes without prior permission or charge, provided: • The authors, title and full bibliographic details is credited in(More)
In this paper we present a cluster middleware, designed to implement a Linux-Windows Hybrid HPC Cluster, which not only holds the characteristics of both operating system, but also accepts and schedules jobs in both environments. Beowulf Clusters have become an economical and practical choice for small-and-medium-sized institutions to provide High(More)
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