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Plant growth and development are coordinated by several groups of small-molecule hormones, including brassinosteroids (BRs) and gibberellins (GAs). Physiological and molecular studies have suggested the existence of crosstalk between BR and GA signaling. We report that BZR1, a key transcription factor activated by BR signaling, interacts in vitro and in(More)
The ν-Support Vector Regression (ν-SVR) is an effective regression learning algorithm, which has the advantage of using a parameter ν on controlling the number of support vectors and adjusting the width of the tube automatically. However, compared to ν-Support Vector Classification (ν-SVC) (Schölkopf et al., 2000), ν-SVR introduces an additional linear term(More)
Support vector ordinal regression (SVOR) is a popular method to tackle ordinal regression problems. However, until now there were no effective algorithms proposed to address incremental SVOR learning due to the complicated formulations of SVOR. Recently, an interesting accurate on-line algorithm was proposed for training ν-support vector(More)
This study investigates an efficient algorithm for image segmentation with a global constraint based on the Bhattacharyya measure. The problem consists of finding a region consistent with an image distribution learned a priori. We derive an original upper bound of the Bhattacharyya measure by introducing an auxiliary labeling. From this upper bound, we(More)
The nucleobase/ascorbate transporter (NAT) proteins, also known as nucleobase/cation symporter 2 (NCS2) proteins, are responsible for the uptake of nucleobases in all kingdoms of life and for the transport of vitamin C in mammals. Despite functional characterization of the NAT family members in bacteria, fungi and mammals, detailed structural information(More)
We propose to embed overlap priors in variational tracking of the left ventricle (LV) in cardiac magnetic resonance (MR) sequences. The method consists of evolving two curves toward the LV endo- and epicardium boundaries. We derive the curve evolution equations by minimizing two functionals each containing an original overlap prior constraint. The latter(More)
Descriptor learning has recently drawn increasing attention in computer vision, Existing algorithms are mainly developed for classification rather than for regression which however has recently emerged as a powerful tool to solve a broad range of problems, e.g., head pose estimation. In this paper, we propose a novel supervised descriptor learning (SDL)(More)
T cell repertoire diversity and clonotype follow-up in vaccination, cancer, infectious and immune diseases represent a major challenge owing to the enormous complexity of the data generated. Here we describe a next generation methodology, which combines 5'RACE PCR, 454 sequencing and, for analysis, IMGT, the international ImMunoGeneTics information system(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS HCV patients who fail conventional interferon-based therapy have limited treatment options. Dendritic cells are central to the priming and development of antigen-specific CD4(+) and CD8(+) T cell immunity, necessary to elicit effective viral clearance. The aim of the study was to investigate the safety and efficacy of vaccination with(More)
Liver X receptors (LXRs), including LXRalpha and LXRbeta, are intracellular sterol sensors that regulate expression of genes controlling fatty acid and cholesterol absorption, excretion, catabolism, and cellular efflux. Because the kidney plays an important role in lipid metabolism and dyslipidemia accelerates renal damage, we investigated the effect of(More)