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REAL: A retention error aware LDPC decoding scheme to improve NAND flash read performance
Continuous technology scaling makes NAND flash cells much denser. As a result, NAND flash is becoming more prone to various interference errors. Due to the hardware circuit design mechanisms of NANDExpand
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Lifetime adaptive ECC in NAND flash page management
NAND flash memory has decreasing storage reliability, as the density or program/erase (P/E) cycle increases. To ensure data integrity, error correction codes (ECCs) are widely employed and typicallyExpand
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Program error rate-based wear leveling for NAND flash memory
Wear leveling scheme has became a fundamental issue in the design of Solid State Disk (SSD) based on NAND Flash memory. Existing schemes aim to equalize the number of programming/erase (P/E) cyclesExpand
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WARD: Wear Aware RAID Design Within SSDs
Redundant arrays of independent disk (RAID) is an efficient approach to relieve reliability sacrifice caused by aggressive scale-out of solid state drives (SSDs). Unfortunately, RAID is unfriendly toExpand
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FastGC: Accelerate Garbage Collection via an Efficient Copyback-based Data Migration in SSDs
Copyback is an advanced command contributing to accelerating data migration in garbage collection (GC). Unfortunately, detecting copyback feasibility (whether copyback can be carried out withExpand
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WAS: Wear Aware Superblock Management for Prolonging SSD Lifetime
Superblocks are widely employed in SSDs for improving performance. However, the standard superblock organization which links blocks with the same block ID across planes into one superblock leads toExpand