Shunying Blevis

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possibility that we will reach a tipping point, or the possibility that we have already done so. In what follows, we describe the present state of sustainable interaction design. We describe the potential role of interaction design in preparation for and adaptation to a post–tipping point world in terms of digital projects we may undertake for monitoring(More)
This paper describes and compares notions of <i>luxury</i> and <i>new luxury</i> as a social notion of sustainability. The context of the discourse is sustainable interaction design (SID), defined in the paper and attributed to several sources. Several research questions are posed concerning the relationship between luxury, new luxury, quality, and equality(More)
images concerned with sustainability and interaction design. In keeping with the new theme of interactions magazine—promoting interactions—it is our hope that these images will stimulate many discussions, actions, and reactions. The subtlety of images is here offered as a complement to the potentially precise, yet oftentimes reductive expression of text. By(More)
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