Shuntaro Fujioka

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The blood eicosapentaenoic and docosahexaenoic acid (EPA+DHA) concentration is an important inverse risk factor for sudden cardiac death. However, it is not known what kinds of factors influence the EPA+DHA levels in the total phospholipid fraction in red blood cells (RBC EPA+DHA) in Japan, who regularly eat more fish with increasing age. Four hundred and(More)
Epidemiological studies showed that habitual fish intakes were associated with lower blood inflammatory markers. In the present study the effects of a fish oil-containing food on inflammatory markers were investigated in healthy, mostly middle-aged subjects (59 men and 82 women) with normal to mildly elevated triglyceride levels. Study subjects were(More)
Consumption of n-3 fatty acids is well-known to prevent deaths from coronary heart disease. However, not many studies have investigated the effects of n-3 fatty acids on arteriosclerosis in free living subjects. The pulse wave velocity between the brachia and ankles (baPWV) of 161 healthy male subjects was measured and the fatty acid composition of the(More)
OBJECTIVES This study was carried out to examine whether serum triglyceride concentrations were decreased by administration of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA)/gamma-cyclodextrin (gamma-CD) complex-containing capsules as reported previously with n-3PUFA without gamma-CD. STUDY DESIGN A placebo-controlled double-blind study with healthy subjects(More)
要約:富山県は,江戸時代に始まる配置薬業から続く 国内でも有数の医薬品製造拠点であり,「くすりの富 山」として全国的に知られてきた.美しく豊かな自然, 地震や台風などの自然災害の少ない地理,陸海空にわ たり整備された交通網などの強みにより,近年,医薬 品の研究開発・製造拠点としてさらに注目が高まり, 医薬品生産額は過去最高額を更新している.この富山 の医薬品産業のさらなる飛躍を目指し,平成 21 年度 と平成 25 年度に富山県医薬品産業活性化懇話会を設 置し,富山県および本県薬業界がとるべき施策展開等 の方向性について議論を重ねてきた.懇話会で取りま とめられた 2つの報告書において,国内医薬品生産金 額の日本一,さらには世界に羽ばたく「薬都とやま」 の実現に取り組んでいくこととされ,具体的な戦略的(More)
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