Shunta Tanaka

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The balloon-borne Millimeter-Wave Anisotropy Experiment (MAX) is designed to measure the fluctuations in the cosmic microwave background (CMB) on angular scales from 0.3 to several degrees. The long term goal is to measure many pixels on the sky at a level appr~ching AT/T(CMB) = 1 x 10e6. These angular scales fill an important gap between the angular scales(More)
The dosimetry was performed in order to evaluate accuracy of an approximation formula of dose rate in multi-layer of rice separated with thin iron cylinders. Main results are: (1) Energy absorption build-up factor of multi-layer of rice was independent of radius of the multi-layer, radius and thickness of the iron cylinder and an incident angle of gamma-ray(More)
A grain irradiator was devised for the radiation disinfestation of rice. In this irradiator, dose of rice was varried through regulation of rice velocity in irradiation region. The velocity was regulated by variation of opening area and time of an annular gate valve setted at the bottom of the region. For the irradiator design, experiments of rice flow in(More)
All-optical dynamic photonic bandgap (PBG) control by an optical Kerr effect (OKE) is investigated in an all-solid double-clad tellurite photonic bandgap fiber (PBGF) which is fabricated based on TeO<sub>2</sub>-Li<sub>2</sub>O-WO<sub>3</sub>-MoO<sub>3</sub>-Nb<sub>2</sub>O<sub>5</sub> (TLWMN, high-index rod) glass,(More)
This paper describes a method for measuring the transfer function and impulse response of a single-fiber interferometric sensor. A change in phase retardation is extracted directly from a beat photocurrent generated by superimposing the orthogonally polarized optical waves of different frequency propagating along the slow and fast axes of the fiber. Axial(More)
Longitudinal to transverse vibration converters using different velocity metal-ring-pair with slanted thickness are proposed. Using the metal-ring-pair, complex vibration with no normal vibration component is obtained which is adequate for ultrasonic welding of semiconductor flip-tip bonding with large number of bonding pads, and also welding of large area(More)
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