Shunsuke Takagi

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In this paper, a novel fusion center controlled media access control (MAC) protocol for physical wireless parameter conversion sensor networks (PHY-C SN) is proposed. In PHY-C SN, the sensing information is converted to correspond subcarrier numbers of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) signals and sensor nodes can send sensing information(More)
Bleuler has said that we have to provide community care for people with schizophrenia. In Japan, the process of modernization already ended by the miraculously swift growth of the economy in the postwar era. So it will be difficult to maintain facilities such as psychiatric hospital because the maintenance costs are too high. The core of mental health(More)
Recently in Japan, to build a new community mental health support system, Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) has been trying to implement. In this paper, four problems were discussed. 1) Problems of applying DACTS to Japan. 2) The historical problems of mental health and welfare of Japan. 3) Problems of modern mental health care and welfare systems in(More)
Today's psychiatric treatment system in Japan is hospital-based. It is supported by mental hospitals established after 1960. However, the psychiatric treatment system has already changed to community-based treatment in other developed countries. So, we need to change to the community-based system for those who are suffering from severe mental illness such(More)