Shunsuke Takagi

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d-Serine, a co-agonist at the NMDA receptor (NMDAR), is synthesized from l-serine by the enzyme serine racemase (SR), which is heavily expressed in the forebrain. Although SR was originally reported to be localized exclusively to astrocytes, recent conditional knock out results demonstrate that little SR is expressed in forebrain astrocytes. As a(More)
Changes in physiological, pathophysiological, and/or nutritional conditions often alter the expression of drug-metabolizing enzymes. In this study, we investigated obesity-induced changes in hepatic cytochrome P450 (P450) levels using nutritionally obese mice. To induce obesity, mice were fed a high-fat diet or treated with gold thioglucose, which impairs(More)
Physiological and pathophysiological conditions often affect the expression of drug metabolizing enzymes such as cytochromes P450 (P450s). Diabetes is one such factor and it is of great interest to understand its effects on drug metabolism, since diabetic patients generally have increased need for pharmacotherapy. We have recently reported the coordinated(More)
We are especially interested in the connection between the invariants of an ideal a in characteristic zero and the invariants of the different reductions mod p of a. Our main point is that this relation depends on arithmetic properties of p. We present several examples, as well as some questions on this topic. In a slightly different direction, we describe(More)
We experienced the first death case of the serotonin syndrome in Japan caused by fluvoxamine and tandospirone. A 15-year-old man was transported to our hospital for shock, muscle hypertonia and hyperthermia after cardiopulmonary arrest. His serum concentrations of fluvoxamine and tandospirone were 3,554 ng/mL and 698 ng/mL respectively after 24 hours from(More)
Hara [Ha3] and Smith [Sm2] independently proved that in a normal Q-Gorenstein ring of characteristic p ≫ 0, the test ideal coincides with the multiplier ideal associated to the trivial divisor. We extend this result for a pair (R,∆) of a normal ring R and an effective Q-Weil divisor ∆ on SpecR. As a corollary, we obtain the equivalence of strongly F-regular(More)
We prove a generalization of Demailly-Ein-Lazarsfeld’s subadditivity formula [DEL] and Mustaţǎ’s summation formula [Mu] for multiplier ideals to the case of singular varieties, using characteristic p methods. As an application of our formula, we improve Hochster-Huneke’s result [HH4] on the growth of symbolic powers of ideals in singular affine algebras.
Using the Frobenius map, we introduce a new invariant for a pair (R, a) of a ring R and an ideal a ⊂ R, which we call the F-pure threshold c(a) of a, and study its properties. We see that the F-pure threshold characterizes several ring theoretic properties. By virtue of Hara and Yoshida’s result [HY], the F-pure threshold c(a) in characteristic zero(More)