Shunsuke Suzuki

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We studied the extent to which time-on-task is correlated with perception of usability for people who are familiar with a phone model and for those who are not. Our controlled experiment, conducted in Japan, correlated subjective usability assessments with time-on-task for expert and novice users on three different mobile phone models. We found that the(More)
Soyasaponins have been reported to promote various health functions. However, the total soyasaponin and soyasapogenol content in soy products and the daily intake remain to be fully elucidated. We developed a high-performance liquid chromatography coupled with tandem mass spectrometric (HPLC-MS/MS) method to evaluate the content of group A and B(More)
Domestication and artificial selection have modified the genome landscape of the pig. The identification of selection signatures in the genome can help to elucidate the selection mechanisms and uncover the causal genes related to the phenotypic variations between domestic pig breeds. We scanned the genomes of Korean imported pig breeds against native breeds(More)
It is well known that taking wrong sitting posture all day long is harmful for health. However, quantifying the degree of collapse of posture is not so easy. Typically, checking the video of sitting state or examining the spinal curves in radiograph is made so far, but it needs a clinical specialist for diagnosis. In this paper, for attaining this goal more(More)
The human genome contains thousands of retrocopies, mostly as processed pseudogenes, which were recently shown to be prevalently transcribed. In particular, those specifically acquired in the human lineage are able to modulate gene expression in a manner that contributed to the evolution of human-specific traits. Therefore, knowledge of the human-specific(More)