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Experimental and Theoretical Studies on the Adsorption and Desorption Mechanisms of Chromate Ions on Cross-Linked Chitosan
Both the experimental and numerical results show that the total charge numbers of the adsorbent and the Adsorbate species and their relative molecular geometries are crucial in determining the adsorption efficiency. Expand
An Analysis of the Efficiency of Local Government Expenditure and the Minimum Efficient Scale in Vietnam
The purposes of this study were to; (i) estimate the efficiency of local government expenditure by province and city in Vietnam, (ii) test if there was a change in the efficiency of local governmentExpand
Production of Amino acids by impact reactions using a light-gas gun as simulation experiment of asteroid impacts in space.
A variety of organic compounds are abiologically produced in space. This is confirmed by the detection of organic compounds from interstellar molecule clouds. This is also confirmed by theExpand
Should We Overlook All Altruistic Behavior by Politicians
Not all policies benefit their intended targets even though they are motivated by political altruism. This paper analyzes how the frequency of altruistic behavior changes depending on whetherExpand
Observation of a hot-gas plume produced after impact in nitrogen gas using a gas gun and analysis of synthesized amino acids
会議情報: 平成28年度宇宙科学に関する室内実験シンポジウム (2017年2月27日-28日. 宇宙航空研究開発機構宇宙科学研究所(JAXA)(ISAS)相模原キャンパス), 相模原市, 神奈川県
Study on Removal of Cr(VI) from Aqueous Solution by Cross-Linked Chitosan
In this paper, the adsorbent for the removal of hexavalent Cr (Chromium) from aqueous solutions has been prepared by modifying chitosan composite with EP (Epichlorohydrin) or GA (Glutaraldehyde). TheExpand