Shunsuke Kameda

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To understand the physiological process underlying view-invariant object recognition, we designed a delayed matching-to-sample task under two different conditions: in the first condition, the sample and test stimuli were presented in the same view, and in the second, the two stimuli were presented in different views. The event-related potential (ERP)(More)
and inhibition of drug-resistant influenza virus neuraminidase using anthraquinone-sialic acid hybrids, photodegradation of HIV-1 protease and inhibition of HIV-1 replication in living cells by designed fullerene-sugar hibrids, evaluation of molecular probes based on the 9-methylstreptimidone derivative DTCM-glutarimide, a boron-doped diamond electrode(More)
Absorption of 14C-labeled herbicides from nutrient culture solution through the roots of sugarcane plants (Saccharum spp. hybrids) resulted in three major types of distribution. Labeled residues from atrazine, ametryne, and metribuzine moved easily through the xylem to the green leaves and were deposited mainly at the leaf margins and tip. Senescence and(More)
The lactonamycin model aglycon 4 was synthesized from the trihalogenated benzene derivative 10. Ethynyltetraol 6 was prepared from 10 via carbon elongations, oxidative demethylation, a cycloaddition reaction with the diene derived from homophthalic anhydride, and dihydroxylation. Final E- and F-ring constructions from 6 were realized via a(More)
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