Shunsuke Fukami

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Current-induced effective magnetic fields can provide efficient ways of electrically manipulating the magnetization of ultrathin magnetic heterostructures. Two effects, known as the Rashba spin orbit field and the spin Hall spin torque, have been reported to be responsible for the generation of the effective field. However, a quantitative understanding of(More)
Electrical control of magnetic properties is crucial for device applications in the field of spintronics. Although the magnetic coercivity or anisotropy has been successfully controlled electrically in metals as well as in semiconductors, the electrical control of Curie temperature has been realized only in semiconductors at low temperature. Here, we(More)
Spin-orbit torque (SOT)-induced magnetization switching shows promise for realizing ultrafast and reliable spintronics devices. Bipolar switching of the perpendicular magnetization by the SOT is achieved under an in-plane magnetic field collinear with an applied current. Typical structures studied so far comprise a nonmagnet/ferromagnet (NM/FM) bilayer,(More)
Controlling the displacement of a magnetic domain wall is potentially useful for information processing in magnetic non-volatile memories and logic devices. A magnetic domain wall can be moved by applying an external magnetic field and/or electric current, and its velocity depends on their magnitudes. Here we show that the applying an electric field can(More)
Controlling the position of a magnetic domain wall with electric current may allow for new types of non-volatile memory and logic devices. To be practical, however, the threshold current density necessary for domain wall motion must be reduced below present values. Intrinsic pinning due to magnetic anisotropy, as recently observed in perpendicularly(More)
Energy barriers in magnetization reversal dynamics have long been of interest because the barrier height determines the thermal stability of devices as well as the threshold force triggering their dynamics. Especially in memory and logic applications, there is a dilemma between the thermal stability of bit data and the operation power of devices, because(More)