Shunso Ishihara

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Much theoretical work has been devoted to understanding the role of strong electron correlations in high-temperature superconductivity mainly through magnetic interactions, but the possible role of electron correlation in ferroelectricity of metal oxides has not received attention. Diagonalization of a simple many-body, tight-binding Hamiltonian shows that(More)
In late years, f-MRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) are used for analysis of a visual function. In case of the study for a visual function, the checker flag pattern consists of white square and black square is usually used for sight stimulation. In sight stimulation using this pattern, a color of square (black and white) changes alternately at(More)
A systematic study of the electronic structure in perovskite manganites is presented. The effective Hamiltonian is derived by taking into account the degeneracy of eg orbitals and strong electron correlation in Mn ions. The spin and orbital orderings are examined as functions of carrier concentration in the mean-field approximation applied to the effective(More)
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