Shunqiang Wang

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While substrates with nanopillars (NPs) have emerged as promising platforms for isolation of circulating tumor cells (CTCs), the influence of diameter and spacing of NPs on CTC capture is still unclear. In this paper, CTC-capture yield and cell behaviors have been investigated by using antibody functionalized NPs of various diameters (120-1100 nm) and(More)
Electronic detection of dielectrophoretic forces exerted on particles flowing over interdigitated electrodes Biomicrofluidics 6, 024117 (2012) Direction dependence of displacement time for two-fluid electroosmotic flow Biomicrofluidics 6, 012816 (2012) Influences of electric field on living cells in a charged water-in-oil droplet under electrophoretic(More)
With the increasing amount of research work in surface studies, a more effective method of producing patterned microstructures is highly desired due to the geometric limitations and complex fabricating process of current techniques. This paper presents an efficient and cost-effective method to generate customizable micro-wavy pattern using direct image(More)
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