Shunping Zhou

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Spatial topology rule is the primary method to insure the consistency and validity of spatial topology relation in GIS software. Topology rule can be divided into three categories according to geographic entity’s geometric shape: point topology rule, line topology rule and polygon topology rule. At first, this paper summarizes the various linear geographic(More)
A 3D model reconstruction workflow with hand-held cameras is developed. The exterior and interior orientation models combined with the state-of-the-art structure from motion and multi-view stereo techniques are applied to extract dense point cloud and reconstruct 3D model from digital images. An overview of the presented 3D model reconstruction methods is(More)
Since spatial data are widely available for many areas around the globe, they bring a great convenient to people's lives. And spatial database is used to arrange, analyze and view spatial data. In order to maintain real-time data, the way of spatial database updating was transformed from overall updating into incremental updating. Incremental updating only(More)
Access control of spatial information workflow is mainly achieved by access authorization that only permit user to do operation just when they satisfy all constrain conditions. RBAC model also can't be applied flexibly. It can't express complicated workflow access constrain, especially can't express constrain between roles. It also can't deal with the(More)
With the widespread application of GIS, an increasing number of industries involved in GIS result in the appearance of multi-source heterogeneous data source. Due to the deficiencies of common methods of multi-source heterogeneous data integration, we put forward the integration of multi-source heterogeneous data based on middleware. GIS middleware(More)