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Clinical effects and safety of cefozopran (CZOP) were evaluated by the Okayama Bone Marrow Transplantation Group. Twenty-five patients expected to experience febrile neutropenia during induction chemotherapy or consolidation chemotherapy of acute leukemia were enrolled between July 2000 and November 2002. CZOP was administrated by drip infusion at 4g/day(More)
We report a patient with hypereosinophilic syndrome (HES), which, 8 years later, transformed into granulocytic sarcoma in the brain and, subsequently, into acute myelocytic leukaemia. Repeated chromosome analyses showed a normal karyotype, until the time of leukaemic transformation when trisomy 8 was confirmed in cells from the bone marrow and cerebrospinal(More)
Gene targeting studies in mice have shown that the transcription factor Ikaros plays an essential role in lymphoid development and as a tumor suppressor in T cells, whereas the related gene Aiolos functions as a tumor suppressor in B cells. We analyzed the expression levels of the Ikaros gene family, Ikaros and Aiolos, in human bone marrow samples from(More)
Gene targeting studies in mice have shown that the lack of Ikaros activity leads to T-cell hyperproliferation and T-cell neoplasia, establishing the Ikaros gene as a tumor suppressor gene in mice. This prompted us to investigate whether mutations in Ikaros play a role in human hemato-logical malignancies. Reverse transcription-PCR was used to determine the(More)
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