Shunn-ichiro Nakayama

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This paper proposes one of the ideas related to swarm intelligence in social insects, by using ant pheromone concepts in ant-based clustering. Multiple pheromones in ant-based clustering (MPABC) with ant nest algorithm and with ant memory algorithm are our two proposed methods of multiple pheromone concepts in ant-based clustering. Both algorithms have used(More)
This paper proposes an interior coordination method which uses model rooms made by furniture manufacturers, distributors, stores, designers and so forth. Interior coordination involves furniture selection, in which inhabitants' preferences, generation, life style must be considered, and furniture placement, in which many conditions for building a(More)
The developments of differential and linear cryptanalysis methods were capable to breach the security of the DES cipher. Accordingly, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) issued a new standard named Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) which had SPN (Substitution Permutation Network) structure as a new next generation code standard method(More)
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