Shunmugiah Thevar Karutha Pandian

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Germline polymorphisms of genes involved in different steps of tumorigenesis like p53, the tumor suppressor gene, are reported to determine the individual susceptibility to cancer. Lung cancer is one(More)
The current study deals with the evaluation of two coral-associated bacterial (CAB) extracts to inhibit the biofilm synthesis in vitro as well as the virulence production like hemolysin and(More)
This study was intentionally focused on cyclo(l-leucyl-l-prolyl) (CLP), a cyclic dipeptide with myriad pharmaceutical significance, to explore its antivirulence efficacy against the predominant(More)
CONTEXT Grewia tiliaefolia Vahl. (Tiliaceae) is a sub-tropical plant used as an indigenous medicine in India. However, its efficacy has not been evaluated against Alzheimer's disease. OBJECTIVES(More)