Shunlong Luo

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We interpret the maximum global effect caused by locally invariant measurements as measurement-induced nonlocality, which is in some sense dual to the geometric measure of quantum discord [Dakic, Vedral, and Brukner, Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 190502 (2010)]. We quantify measurement-induced nonlocality from a geometric perspective in terms of measurements, and(More)
The Wigner-Araki-Yanase theorem puts a limitation on the measurement of observables in the presence of a conserved quantity, and the notion of Wigner-Yanase skew information quantifies the amount of information on the values of observables not commuting with the conserved quantity. We demonstrate that the statistical idea underlying the skew information is(More)
The Unruh effect is one of the most fundamental manifestations of the fact that the particle content of a field theory is observer dependent. However, there has been so far no experimental verification of this effect, as the associated temperatures lie far below any observable threshold. Recently, physical phenomena, which are of great experimental(More)
Charles H. Bennett (IBM Research Center, New York, USA) Information is Quantum--how physics has helped us understand what information is and what can be done with it The information revolution is largely based on what a physicist would call a classical view of information, assuming that it can be copied freely and is not disturbed by observation. Quantum(More)
In the Hilbert space operator formalism of quantum mechanics, a single quantum state, which is represented by a density operator, can be regarded as classical in the sense that it can always be diagonalized. However, a quantum ensemble, which is represented by a family of quantum states together with a probability distribution specifying the probability of(More)
We study the impact of public information on insider trading in the context of Kyle’s speculative market. The linear Nash equilibrium is characterized analytically. We find that public information is detrimental for the insider and beneficial for the liquidity traders. The insider puts a negative weight on the public information in formulating his optimal(More)
By employing pulses involving three-intensity, we propose a scheme for the measurement device-independent quantum key distribution with heralded singlephoton sources. We make a comparative study of this scheme with the standard threeintensity decoy-state scheme using weak coherent sources or heralded single-photon sources. The advantage of this scheme is(More)