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In order to improve the performance of Least Mean Square (LMS) based system identification of sparse systems, a new adaptive algorithm is proposed which utilizes the sparsity property of such systems. A general approximating approach on l 0 norm – a typical metric of system sparsity, is proposed and integrated into the cost function of the LMS algorithm.(More)
Based on the methodological similarity between sparse signal reconstruction and system identification, a new approach for sparse signal reconstruction in compressive sensing (CS) is proposed in this paper. This approach employs a stochastic gradient-based adaptive filtering framework, which is commonly used in system identification, to solve the sparse(More)
—Content Aware Soft Real Time Media Broadcast (CASoRT) is a new solution for information service of cellular network. As the similar distribution of users interest, the data of same content may be accessed and retransmitted frequently in cellular network during certain period of time, which caused the dissipation of both energy and spectrum efficiency. With(More)