Shunlian Chai

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In satellite-borne platforms where the reduction of size, weight and power are very critical design factors. To pursuing to this goal, we present a design for ultrawideband tightly coupled antenna array (TCDA) with wide angle scanning and low cross polarization. Although TCDAs possess the merit of wideband, wide-scanning performance, they need a balanced(More)
The continued wave radar has been widely used in the industrial control, vehicle safety and the other related field. This paper aims to lower down the noise when we estimate the power spectrum. We use the difference of the autocorrelation function between the noise and the signal and we introduce a new method to improve SNR when estimating the power(More)
A 5-element microstrip patch array with aperture coupling is presented for 35 GHz applications. To decrease the transmission loss, the feed network is realized by ridge gap waveguide. The excitation of the upper patches comes from the ridge gap waveguide layer through a coupling aperture, which locates in the ground plane of the substrate. A starlike array(More)
A new configuration is proposed to generate an orbital angular momentum(OAM) beam of an arbitrary mode. The system is constituted of a ring antenna array and a digital DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis) amplitude and phase up-convertor control network. The experiment results show that the system has good performance on generating OAM beams of different modes.
In this paper, we demonstrated a wideband planar antenna based on periodic structure. Firstly, we introduce and analyze a complementary structure to the conventional mushroom-like CRLH structure. Then, periodic complementary-CRLH (C-CRLH) structures are used to design antenna with wide bandwidth. At last, a compact antenna with 88% impedance bandwidth is(More)
By calculating some typical electromagnetic problems, the performances of the FVTD algorithm and the DGTD algorithm for computational electromagnetics are compared systematically, including the choice of the time step, the numerical accuracy, the CPU time and the memory requirement. The FVTD algorithm is more efficient for electrically small structure and(More)
The effect of different positions of the receiving/transmitting antennas on microwave inversion results is discussed. Ten different transmitting/receiving configurations are employed to seek the relation between the antennas positions and the accuracy of inversion results. The synthetic study shows that these ten configurations lead to almost the same(More)
A dual-polarized microstrip antenna with low cross polarization level is designed, then a full-polarization conformal phased array with twelve elements on a cylinder is simulated. Based on the embedded patterns of each element, the convex optimization method is utilized to synthesis the array's radiation pattern. It has been proved that, the array with(More)
The continued wave Radar is prior to the pulsed Radar in the short-range detection for its accuracy and low power. However, the detection range of CW Radar is short and it is worthy to improve the ability of its measurement. In this paper, we draw lessons from the coherent integration used in pulsed Radar and design a new coherent integration structure used(More)
With the urgent need of high speed data transmission, ultra wideband antenna arrays have been widely used in wireless communication. In most cases, the array consists of several ultra wideband unit antennas. However, the strong coupling effect between the unit antennas may deteriorate the radiation pattern of an array, even leading to a poor radiation(More)
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