Shunli Zhan

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Human fibrinogen is an important coagulation factor as well as an acute phase protein in the circulatory system. Fibrinogen-420 is distinguished from the conventional alpha chain of fibrinogen-340 by the presence of an additional 236-residue carboxyl terminus globular domain (alpha(E)C). The alpha(E)C domain of human fibrinogen-420 is a stable and early(More)
The level of circulating tissue factor (TF) is up-regulated in human angiogenesis-related malignancies. However, whether circulating TF has angiogenic activities has not been determined. Soluble TF (sTF) is the main domain of circulating TF. Here, using cell migration, wound healing, and tubule formation assays, human recombinant sTF was found to(More)
Endostatin is an endogenous angiogenesis inhibitor with broad-spectrum antitumor activities. Although the molecular mechanisms of endostatin have been extensively explored, the intrinsic biochemical characteristics of endostatin are not completely understood. Here, we revealed for the first time that endostatin embedded novel ATPase activity. Moreover,(More)
Endostatin has novel ATPase activity, which mediates its anti-angiogenic and anti-tumor activities Shan Wang, Xin-an Lu, Peng Liu, Yan Fu, Lin Jia, Shunli Zhan, and Yongzhang Luo Authors' Affiliations: The National Engineering Laboratory for Anti-tumor Protein Therapeutics; Beijing Key Laboratory for Protein Therapeutics; and Cancer Biology Laboratory,(More)
Endostatin is a potent angiogenesis inhibitor with heparin-dependent activities. Nucleolin, a novel functional receptor of endostatin, mediates both the internalization to endothelial cells and the antiangiogenic activity of endostatin. To define the exact role of the heparin binding motif in mediating the interaction between endostatin and its receptor(More)
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