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A comparative proteomic analysis was made of salt response in seedling roots of wheat cultivars Jing-411 (salt tolerant) and Chinese Spring (salt sensitive) subjected to a range of salt stress concentrations (0.5%, 1.5% and 2.5%) for 2 days. One hundred and ninety eight differentially expressed protein spots (DEPs) were located with at least two-fold(More)
Nineteen novel full-ORF α-gliadin genes and 32 pseudogenes containing at least one stop codon were cloned and sequenced from three Aegilops tauschii accessions (T15, T43 and T26) and two bread wheat cultivars (Gaocheng 8901 and Zhongyou 9507). Analysis of three typical α-gliadin genes (Gli-At4, Gli-G1 and Gli-Z4) revealed some InDels and a considerable(More)
Phylogenetic relationships between the C, U, N, and M genomes of Aegilops species and the genomes of common wheat and other related species were investigated by using three types of low-molecular-weight glutenin subunit (LMW-GS) genes at Glu-3 loci. A total of 20 LMW-GS genes from Aegilops and Triticum species were isolated, including 11 LMW-m type and 9(More)
The plant-specific NAC (NAM, ATAF, and CUC) transcription factor family plays a vital role in various plant growth and developmental processes as well as in stress resistance. Using RNA sequencing, we found that the ClNAC genes (ClNAC1-44) were the most strongly up-regulated transcription factor family in Chrysanthemum lavandulifolium leaves under salt(More)
Gliadins were the major components of wheat storage proteins and determine the extensibility properties of gluten dough. In this work, 19 new full-length γ-gliadin genes were isolated from various Aegilops and Triticum species. Sequence characterization showed that a specific octapeptide and celiac disease (CD)-toxic epitope Gliγ-3 (VQGQGIIQPQQPAQL) were(More)
The α-gliadins are associated with human celiac disease. A total of 23 noninterrupted full open reading frame α-gliadin genes and 19 pseudogenes were cloned and sequenced from C, M, N, and U genomes of four diploid Aegilops species. Sequence comparison of α-gliadin genes from Aegilops and Triticum species demonstrated an existence of extensive allelic(More)
Brachypodium distachyon L. is a newly emerging model plant system for temperate cereal crop species. However, its grain protein compositions are still not clear. In the current study, we carried out a detailed proteomics and molecular genetics study on grain glutenin proteins in B. distachyon. SDS-PAGE and RP-HPLC analysis of grain proteins showed that(More)