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BABYSCAN, a whole body counter for small children with a detection limit for (137)Cs of better than 50 Bq/body, was developed, and the first unit has been installed at a hospital in Fukushima, to help families with small children who are very much concerned about internal exposures. The design principles, implementation details and the initial operating(More)
There are body-powered hooks and myoelectric prosthetic hands that trans-radial amputees can use for work. Though the body-powered hooks have good workability for complex operations, the design of the hook is unappealing and the harness is cumbersome. The myoelectric prosthetic hand has a natural appearance similar to the human hand and intuitive(More)
With the advancement of technology, the number of domestic robots used in day-to-day life is expected to increase. We think that it is important for people to perceive animacy in robots in order to develop relationships with them. In this study, we report the proposal and development by our research of a group of five robots shaped like cubes, and equipped(More)
From a prosthesis hidden under clothing to a one comes on spotlight. Our common recognition is changing through sports. For amputee's more beautiful form in running, we've developed prostheses specially focused on usability, exterior, and safety. Here we'd like to introduce how we've designed the prosthesis for lower limb, knee joints and air stabilizer for(More)
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