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The hyt/hyt hypothyroid mouse has an autosomal recessive, fetal-onset, severe hypothyroidism related to TSH hyporesponsiveness and associated with elevated TSH. Our previous work has suggested that the hypothyroidism and TSH hyporesponsiveness may result from a mutation in the hyt/hyt TSH receptor (TSHr) of the thyroid gland. Based on DNA sequencing of the(More)
Although heparin can regulate angiogenesis, tumor growth and metastasis, its clinical application, as well as that of low-molecular heparin (LMWH), for treating cancer are limited because of heparin's anticoagulant activity and risk of hemorrhages. LMWH-taurocholate conjugates (LHT7), which have low anticoagulant activity, were synthesized. The structural(More)
DMPK, the product of the DM locus, is a member of the same family of serine-threonine protein kinases as the Rho-associated enzymes. In DM, membrane inclusions accumulate in lens fiber cells producing cataracts. Overexpression of DMPK in cultured lens epithelial cells led to apoptotic-like blebbing of the plasma membrane and reorganization of the actin(More)
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