Shuning Xiao

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A plasmonic Ag/TiO2 photocatalytic composite was designed by selecting Ag quantum dots (Ag QDs) to act as a surface plasmon resonance (SPR) photosensitizer for driving the visible-light driven photoelectrocatalytic hydrogen evolution. Vertically oriented hierarchical TiO2 nanotube arrays (H-TiO2-NTAs) with macroporous structure were prepared through a(More)
We investigate edge state transmission in quantum point contacts (QPCs) in the fractional quantum-Hall regime, finding behavior reminiscent of a metal-insulator transition. The transition is suggested by an unusual behavior of the differential conductance in the fractional-quantum-Hall regime, and by the presence of a fixed point and universal scaling in(More)
We investigate the linear and non-linear conductance of quantum point contacts (QPCs), in the region near pinch-off where Kondo physics has previously been connected to the appearance of the 0.7 feature. In studies of seven different QPCs, fabricated in the same high-mobility GaAs/AlGaAs heterojunction, the linear conductance is widely found to show the(More)
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