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Nicotine, a major alkaloid in tobacco plants and the main toxic chemical in tobacco wastes, can be transformed by bacteria into hydroxylated-pyridine intermediates, which are important precursors for the chemical synthesis of valuable drugs and insecticides. Such biotransformation could be a useful approach to utilize tobacco and its wastes. In this study,(More)
The model of hinging hyperplanes (HH) can approximate a large class of nonlinear functions to arbitrary precision, but represent only a small part of continuous piecewise-linear (CPWL) functions in two or more dimensions. In this correspondence, the influence of this drawback for black-box modeling is first illustrated by a simple example. Then it is shown(More)
Approximation and control of nonlinear systems is a very important field of research for systems analysis and design. Although there is a growing interest in modeling and compact representation of piecewise linear functions as seen in the recent research, however only limited applications exist in the literature. In this paper a systematic procedure is(More)
The problem of constructing a general continuous piecewise-linear neural network is considered in this paper. It is shown that every projection domain of an arbitrary continuous piecewise-linear function can be partitioned into convex polyhedra by using difference functions of its local linear functions. Based on these convex polyhedra, a group of(More)