Shuning Wang

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A novel model is developed constructively which can express any -dimensional piecewise linear (PWL) function by a superposition of basis functions if it is defined over an th-order degenerate intersection formed by ( 1)th-order minimal degenerate intersections. We also propose the concrete functional forms of th-order basis functions. Being the simplest(More)
Smooth hinging hyperplane (SHH) has been proposed as an improvement over the well-known hinging hyperplane (HH) by the fact that it retains the useful features of HH while overcoming HH's drawback of nondifferentiability. This paper introduces a formal characterization of smooth hinge function (SHF), which can be used to generate SHH as a neural network. A(More)
In buildings with many elevators, elevator group control algorithm is used to efficiently dispatch the elevators to serve each hall call generated from different floors. Recent researches for energy saving of elevator system have attracted widespread interest, most of which achieve energy saving by minimizing the estimated energy consumption. This paper(More)
BACKGROUND The enrichment and importance of some aromatic residues, such as Tyr and Trp, have been widely noticed at the binding interfaces of antibodies from many experimental and statistical results, some of which were even identified as "hot spots" contributing significantly greater to the binding affinity than other amino acids. However, how these(More)
The problem of constructing a general continuous piecewise-linear neural network is considered in this paper. It is shown that every projection domain of an arbitrary continuous piecewise-linear function can be partitioned into convex polyhedra by using difference functions of its local linear functions. Based on these convex polyhedra, a group of(More)