Shunichi Yoshikawa

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The Bmp family of secreted signaling molecules is implicated in multiple aspects of embryonic development. However, the cell-type-specific requirements for this signaling pathway are often obscure in the context of complex embryonic tissue interactions. To define the cell-autonomous requirements for Bmp signaling, we have used a Cre-loxP strategy to delete(More)
Thermally oxidized rapeseed oils (4 levels of deterioration; used by a manufacturer of fried fish paste in a conventional manner) were fed to rats at a practical level of concentration. Rats were fed a diet ad libitum for 13 weeks that contained 15% of a test oil. The effects of the diet on several biochemical criteria related to peroxidative alterations(More)
The Cre/loxP site-specific recombination system has been widely used to manipulate DNA in vivo and to study gene function in the mouse by inducible transgenic and conditional gene targeting. To fully use this powerful genetic tool in a relatively new animal model, zebrafish, we generated reporter transgenic lines for easy detection of Cre recombinase(More)
PURPOSE Bowman's layer corneal dystrophies (CDBs) include 2 distinct types: CDB1, or Reis-Bücklers (RBCD), and CDB2, or Thiel-Behnke (TBCD). We studied the genetic basis of 2 cases of apparent spontaneous CDB mutations and attempted to determine if these are sporadic and inheritable mutations. DESIGN Retrospective molecular genetic study and case report.(More)
The anterior segment of the eye includes such structures as the cornea, lens, iris, and ciliary body and is essential for many visual and physiological functions of the eye. The zebrafish gelsolin-like 1 (gsnl1) gene encodes an actin regulatory protein and is expressed in the anterior segment of the eye. We report the transgenic analyses of the gsnl1(More)
In the mammalian central nervous system, a remarkably small number of connexins is used in electrical synapses, with the majority formed from Cx36. A larger number has been detected in teleosts, with some seeming to serve restricted roles. Here, we report the discovery of a new connexin expressed in the zebrafish lens and a limited set of neurons. Zebrafish(More)
The supply and consumption of alkalinity in Sawano-ike Pond was investigated to reveal the mechanisms of pH fluctuation in the pond. Alkalinity in the bottom layer at the deepest point of the pond increased in summer, but in-pond generation of alkalinity was estimated to be very small because of the low depth of water in the pond. According to the(More)
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