Shunichi Sohma

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We have developed a PLC-based 32-wavelength 4-degree hub switch module, which consists of a broadcast coupler with a demultiplexer for local-drop, and a WSS with wavelength specific ports for local-add. The module size is 220/spl times/135/spl times/14 mm. The insertion loss of the express path in the WSS is 10.8 dB.
We describe the proof-of-concept demonstration of flexible chromatic dispersion compensation over the entire <i>L</i>-band region wavelength-division-multiplexing transparent networks operating at over 40 Gb/s using span-by-span compensation with an arrayed-waveguide grating and an liquid crystal on silicon-based multichannel tunable dispersion compensator.
We successfully reduced the chip size of a 16/spl times/16 optical matrix switch with silica-based planar lightwave circuit technology to 36 %, and the power consumption to 37 % by employing 1.5 % /spl Delta/ waveguides, heat insulating grooves, and a new circuit layout.
We constructed a prototype scalable 128&#215;128 optical switch system using silica-based 1&#215;128 thermo-optic switches. The system provides high levels of performance namely a low insertion loss (&lt;6.5dB) and a high extinction ratio (&gt;90dB).
We review recent progress in integrated photonics devices and their applications for datacom. In addition to current technology used in 100-Gigabit Ethernet (100GbE) with a compact form-factor of the transceiver, the next generation of technology for 400GbE seeks a larger number of wavelengths with a more sophisticated modulation format and higher bit rate(More)