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We provide a new topological obstruction for complete stable minimal hypersurfaces in IR n+1. For n ≥ 3, we prove that a complete orientable stable minimal hypersurface in IR n+1 cannot have more than one end by showing the existence of a bounded harmonic function based on the Sobolev inequality for minimal submanifolds [MS] and by applying the Liouville(More)
O ur goal is to em bed free-form constraints into a graphical m odel. W ith such constraints a graphic can m aintain its visual integrity— and break rules tastefully— while being m anipulated by a casualuser. A typicalparam eterized graphic does notm eet these needs because its configuration space contains nonsense im ages in m uch higher(More)
We obtain a gradient estimate for the Gauss maps from complete spacelike constant mean curvature hypersurfaces in Minkowski space into the hyperbolic space. As applications, we prove a Bernstein theorem which says that if the image of the Gauss map is bounded from one side, then the spacelike constant mean curvature hypersurface must be linear. This result(More)
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