Shunhui Ji

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Services are highly reusable, flexible and loosely coupled, which makes the evolution and the maintenance of composite services more complex. Evolution of BPEL composite service covers changes of processes, bindings and interfaces. In this paper, an approach is proposed to select and generate test cases during the evolution of BPEL composite service. The(More)
The relatively new web service software paradigm involves services which are loosely coupled, highly reusable and flexible. By specifying the workflow of individual services, Web service composition enhances the ability to handle more complex business processes and provides many value-added services. In this article, we propose an extended control flow(More)
BPEL composite service inevitably evolves to meet various requirements. Most researchers only consider the verification of single versions. However, applying the original costly verification method to subsequent versions during evolution is very expensive, especially for large systems. To address this challenge, we proposed a new approach to incrementally(More)
In this article, we paid more attention on researching how to monitor Web services for checking conformance, where an AOP-based run-time monitoring framework was proposed and explored. In the framework, WS-Policy was firstly used to express the monitoring requirement, then monitoring requirement was described as AOP monitoring logic, Active BPEL engine was(More)
Web service is a widely used implementation technique under the paradigm of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). A service-based system is subjected to continuous evolution and regression testing is required to check whether new faults have been introduced. Based on the current scientific work of web service regression testing, this survey aims to identify(More)
In CPS (cyber-physical systems), computation is integrated with physical processes, computer system is used to monitor and interact with the physical world to realize maximization of benefit and usage. The model and verification for cyber physical systems are two important and challenge problems because CPS has not only heterogeneous nature but also very(More)
BPEL(Business Process Execution Language) composite service evolves a lot in its lifetime. Regression testing must be performed to ensure the correctness of each evolved version. In this article, an approach is proposed to select test cases for regression testing based on data flow testing criterion. With XCFG(eXtended Control Flow Graph) modeling BPEL(More)