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Secure Multi-party Computation has been a research focus in international cryptographic community in recent years. In this paper the authors investigate how some computational geometric problems could be solved in a cooperative environment, where two parties need to solve a geometric problem based on their joint data, but neither wants to disclose its(More)
Yao’s millionaires’ problem is a fundamental problem in secure multiparty computation, and its solutions have become building blocks of many secure multiparty computation solutions. Unfortunately, most protocols for millionaires’ problem are constructed based on public cryptography, and thus are inefficient. Furthermore, all protocols are designed to solve(More)
The growing problem of the unauthorized reproduction of digital multimedia data such as movies, television broadcasts, and similar digital products has triggered worldwide efforts to identify and protect copyright ownership of multimedia contents. In the last decade digital watermarking techniques have been devised to answer the ever-growing need to protect(More)
Multireceiver encryption enables a sender to encrypt a message and transmit the ciphertext to a set of authorized users while no one outside this set can decrypt the message, which is known as an efficient protocol to achieve a secure multicast data communication among multiple authorized users. In this work, we construct two identitybased multireceiver(More)