Shun'ichi Honma

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A retrieval-aware image format (rim format) is developed for the usage in the similar-image retrieval. The format is based on PCA and ICA which can compress source images with an equivalent or often better rate-distortion than JPEG. Besides the data compression, the learned PCA/ICA bases are utilized in the similar-image retrieval since they reflect each(More)
Sensibility-aware image retrieval methods are presented and their performances are compared. Three systems are discussed in this paper: PCA/ICA-based method called RIM (Retrieval-aware IMage format), JPEG, and JPEG2000. In each case, a query is an image per se. Similar images are retrieved to this query. The RIM method is judged to be the best settlement in(More)
— New methods for joint compression and Image-to-Image retrieval (I2I retrieval) are presented. The novelty exists in the usage of computationally learned image bases besides color distributions. The bases are obtained by the Principal Component Analysis and/or the Independent Component Analysis. On the image compression, PCA and ICA outperform the JPEG's(More)
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