Shun-Yuan Luo

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[reaction: see text] A highly regioselective borane-reductive ring opening of the 4,6-O-benzylidene-D-hexopyranosides to the corresponding 6-alcohols in excellent yields at room temperature via various metal trifluoromethanesulfonates as catalysts is described here. Its application in the synthesis of 1,4-dideoxy-1,4-imino-L-xylitol is also highlighted.
α-Galactosyl ceramide is synthesized from d-lyxose in 32% overall yield in five steps. The short and efficient protocol involves a one-pot protection and glycosidation of D-lyxose with D-galactosyl iodide as a key step. The α-linked disaccharide obtained was subsequently transformed into α-galactosyl ceramide in four steps involving Z-selective Wittig(More)
Ganglioside Hp-s1 is isolated from the ovary of sea urchin Diadema setosum. It exhibited better neuritogenic activity than GM1 in pheochromocytoma 12 cells. To explore the roles of glucosyl moiety of Hp-s1 in contributing to the neurogenic activity, we developed feasible procedures for synthesis of Hp-s1 analogues (2a-2f). The glucosyl moiety of Hp-s1 was(More)
(13)C NMR solid-state structural analysis of the anomeric center in carbohydrates was performed on six monosaccharides: glucose (Glc), mannose (Man), galactose (Gal), galactosamine hydrochloride (GalN), glucosamine hydrochloride (GlcN), and N-acetyl-glucosamine (GlcNAc). In the 1D (13)C cross-polarization/magic-angle spinning (CP/MAS) spectrum, the anomeric(More)
Carbohydrates are involved in a wide range of biological processes. These structurally diverse compounds are more complex than other biological polymers, and are often present as heterogeneous mixtures in nature. The chemical synthesis of carbohydrates is one way to obtain pure oligosaccharides, but it is hampered by difficulties associated with the(More)
Arecoline, a major alkaloid in Areca nut has the ability to induce oxidative stress. The effect of Areca nut, arecoline on reducing sperm quality and quantity were documented previously using several animal models. Junction disruption by down-regulation of the junction-adhesive protein via oxidative stress is an important route mediating abnormal(More)
Detailed protocols for the regioselective protection of individual hydroxyls in monosaccharide units are described here. This expedient methodology incorporates up to seven reaction sequences, obviating the necessity to carry out intermittent tedious work-ups and time-consuming purifications. Using this TMSOTf-catalyzed one-pot protocol, the(More)