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The patient was a 1-year-old infant with severe postencephalitis syndrome. Diarrhea and elevation of the pancreatic enzymes, except for serum amylase (elastase 1 > 1, 5000 ng/dl (100-400); lipase, 885 IU/I/37 degrees C (10-48); trypsin, > 900 ng/ml (110-460)), were observed starting 70 days after starting valproate (dose, 70 mg/kg; serum level, 83.8(More)
Pedestrian Dead Reckoning (PDR) has recently attracted attention of researchers. PDR refers to indoor positioning technology that uses the acceleration sensor and gyroscope from a smartphone for relative positioning. However, the positioning results are often degraded, owing to the accumulation of errors such as estimation errors and those incurred by the(More)
Recently, indoor pedestrian navigation systems have attracted attentions of people. We have been developing an interactive pedestrian navigation system and found that the navigation system could not provide enough sense of reassurance for a user according to our preliminary experiment. In this study, we propose a method to improve the user's sense of(More)
In an infant with tuberous sclerosis and West syndrome, ACTH treatment was interrupted because of augmentation of the biventricular outflow tract obstruction. A 5-month-old boy, who had been diagnosed to have multiple cardiac tumors since in utero, manifested West syndrome with typical hypsarhythmia in EEG. Several days after starting low dose ACTH(More)
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