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Scale-of electric vehicle (EV) charging will bring great impacts to the operation of the power grid. Coordinated charging can guide these effects to the beneficial aspects. This paper firstly derived a steady mathematical model of single charge load as the basis of coordinated charging scheduling. Secondly, based on the schedulability of the EV charging(More)
Controlled immobilization of sugar probes is of key importance for the development of glycan biosensors. To this end, a series of BSA-sugar conjugates with different numbers of mannose units are prepared via the squaric acid-mediated coupling reaction. The conjugates can absorb directly on gold substrate without any derivation reactions, thus providing a(More)
A new self-recovery compensation and control strategy suitable for dynamic voltage regulator (DVR) supplied by DC-capacitor was proposed. Two compensation stages which were transient compensation stage and recovery compensation stage were included in the strategy. The maximum energy compensation strategy which could maximize the exchange active power(More)
This paper proposes an information fusion method of Common Information Model(CIM) for analysis of sag vulnerability area, in order to automatically track the operation state of system. Multiplayer structure of information fusion containing data fusion, feature fusion and decision fusion, is built to obtain basic data required by analysis of sag(More)
Based on comparing between the Composite Load Model (CLM) with the Synthesis Load Model (SLM), the SLM has been adopted in this paper. In view of the load model parameter identification's characteristics of complexity and low accuracy, a parameter identification method of the SLM based on Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm was proposed and used in the(More)
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