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Molecular glue for DNA is a small synthetic ligand that adheres two single-stranded DNAs to produce a double-stranded DNA. We previously devised a photoswitchable molecular glue (PMG) that uses external light stimuli to reversibly control DNA hybridization. To optimize the structure of PMG, we synthesized a series of PMGs and evaluated the effect of(More)
In detector adaptation, the quality and quantity of collected online samples are of fundamental importance, yet have not been thoroughly investigated. In this paper, we present an efficient detector adaptation approach with a novel unsupervised online sample collection scheme, which can obtain sufficient aligned samples in a specific video. Unlike other(More)
Vergleich des amerikanischen (AJC)- und des japanischen (JJC)-Vorschlages zur TNM-Klassifikation des Karzinoms der Kieferhöhle. Nach Ansicht der Verff. ermöglicht der JJC-Vorschlag bessere Aussagen über die Prognose. The proposal of the JJC, established in 1977 in an effort to establish a TNM classification of maxillary sinus carcinoma, proved superior to(More)
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