Shun-Pin Hsu

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Spontaneous pneumothorax is a serious complication of pulmonary tuberculosis that requires immediate treatment. Necrotizing fasciitis is a serious, rapidly progressive infection of the subcutaneous tissue and fascia, most related to trauma or surgery. Here, we report a case of pulmonary tuberculosis with spontaneous pneumothorax. A standard procedure of(More)
Research on fingerprint classification has primarily focused on finding improved classifiers, image and feature enhancement, and less on the development of novel fingerprint representations. Using an AM–FM representation for each fingerprint, we obtain significant gains in classification performance as compared to the commonly used National Institute of(More)
This paper studies the problem of the existence of stationary optimal policies for finite state controlled Markov chains, with compact action space and imperfect observations, under the long-run average cost criterion. It presents sufficient conditions for existence of solutions to the associated dynamic programming equation, that strengthen past results.(More)
In an earlier paper, the authors introduced the notion of safety control of stochastic discrete event systems (DESs), modeled as controlled Markov chains. Safety was specified as an upper bound on the components of the state probability distribution, and the class of irreducible and aperiodic Markov chains were analyzed relative to this safety criterion.(More)
In this paper we study the implementation of correcting projection distortion due to the curved display. The studied display is the lateral surface of a cylindroid with known parameters. Firstly we introduce the mapping function by which the image is pre-processed before it is projected. We then reconsider the formula in the hardware calculation point of(More)
In this paper we propose to implement image warping by two projectors. The screen that the images are projected onto is assumed to be the lateral surface of a cylindroid with known lengths of major and minor axes. A blending function that smooths the overlapped projection area is used. The geometric correction model for the convex type of surface is(More)
We study the control of completely observed Markov chains subject to generalized safety bounds and optimality requirement. Originally, the safety bounds were specified as unit-interval valued vector pairs (lower and upper bounds for each component of the state probability distribution). In this paper, we generalize the constraint to be any linear convex set(More)