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Today, charging stations (CSs) for electric vehicles (EVs) are much less popular than gas stations. Therefore, searching and selecting CSs is an important issue for the drivers of EVs. This paper investigates the EV charging problem. We propose two types of CS-selection algorithms. The first type only utilizes local information of an EV. The second type(More)
Provisioning commercial mobile telecommunications service on a high-speed train (HST) faces several challenges. In particular, when an HST quickly passes through the radio coverage of the base stations, frequent handovers may result in serious communication interruption. Methods such as the hierarchical two-hop network and the seamless dual-link handover(More)
Today, smart mobile devices drive the mobile traffic growth rapidly. The Integration of multiple radio access technologies is a viable solution for mobile operators to fulfill users' data usage. In this paper, we consider the inter work issue for the LTE and Wi-Fi integration network. Based on the GPRS Tunneling Protocol (GTP), a multi-link switch approach(More)
Media-Independent Pre-Authentication (MPA) is used as a secure handover optimization scheme working over any link layer. With MPA, a mobile node (the MN) can establish a security association with a candidate target network (CTN), obtain an IP address and other parameters from the CTN, and complete the binding update of any mobility management protocol with(More)
Nowadays, smart mobile devices drive the mobile traffic growth rapidly. Most smart mobile devices are equipped with multiple radio network interfaces, such as High Speed Packet Access (HSPA), Long Term Evolution (LTE), and Wi-Fi. Therefore, integration of multiple networks is a viable solution to fulfill traffic offloading and the Quality-of-Service (QoS)(More)
With today's electric charging technology, charging time of an electric vehicle (EV) is much longer than that for a gasoline vehicle, and therefore the queueing effect at an EV charging station (CS) may be serious. That is, when an EV arrives at an overloaded CS, it is likely that the EV will wait for a long time before it is charged. This paper(More)
The mobile traffic has grown rapidly with the popularity of smart mobile devices. To accommodate increasing traffic, heterogeneous network integration is considered as a viable solution. By overlapping the coverage of heterogeneous networks (e.g., the long-term evolution (LTE) and Wi-Fi integrated network), the mobile operators can use the offloading(More)
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