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In this paper, we present a novel differential space-time (DST) architecture which is well suited for high data-rate applications but requires only a low decoding complexity. Multiple transmit antennas are divided into groups and DST encoding is applied individually to each group. Instead of using the optimum joint-group decoding approach, the receiver(More)
We find a renormalized "time-dependent diffusion coefficient," D(t), for pulsed excitation of a nominally diffusive sample by solving the Bethe-Salpeter equation with recurrent scattering. We observe a crossover in dynamics in the transformation from a quasi-1D to a slab geometry implemented by varying the ratio of the radius, R, to the length, L, of the(More)
Previous studies on acoustooptic hybrid bistable devices have been limited to the Bragg regime involving two diffracted orders, and no comparisons have been made between experimental results and theoretical predictions. In this paper, a model including both acoustooptic diffraction and a nonlinear feedback path is investigated. The Klein-Cook parameter Q(More)
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