Shun Ishikura

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l-Xylulose reductase (XR) is involved in water re-absorption and cellular osmoregulation. The crystal structure of human XR complemented with site-directed mutagenesis (Cys138Ala) indicated that the disulfide bond in the active site between Cys138 and Cys150 is unstable and may affect the reactivity of the enzyme. The effects of reducing agents on the(More)
Functional peptides are expected to be beneficial compounds that improve our quality of life. To address the growing need for functional peptides, we have examined peptide synthesis by using microbial enzymes. l-Amino acid ligase (Lal) catalyzes the condensation of unprotected amino acids in an ATP-dependent manner and is applicable to fermentative(More)
RizA is an L-amino-acid ligase from Bacillus subtilis that participates in the biosynthesis of rhizocticin, an oligopeptide antibiotic. The substrate-free form of RizA has been crystallized and the structure was solved at 2.8 Å resolution. The amino-acid-binding site appears to be capable of accommodating multiple amino acids, consistent with previous(More)
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