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A novel asymmetric three-party based authentication scheme in wearable devices environment
We proposed an asymmetric three-party based authentication scheme in this new environment that can not only resist known types of attacks but also can be practically applied in new environment. Expand
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A review of vegetation phenological metrics extraction using time-series, multispectral satellite data
Abstract Vegetation dynamics and phenology play an important role in inter-annual vegetation changes in terrestrial ecosystems and are key indicators of climate-vegetation interactions, land use/landExpand
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Towards secure and cost-effective fuzzy access control in mobile cloud computing
In this article, we suggest a secure and cost-effective fuzzy access control protocol in mobile cloud computing. Expand
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Estimation of Sugarcane Yield by Assimilating UAV and Ground Measurements Via Ensemble Kalman Filter
We improve sugarcane yield estimation by assimilating UAV-derived LAI and ground measured SWC data into SWAP-WOFOST-Sugarcane crop model via different data assimilation strategies. Expand
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Simultaneous state-parameter estimation supports the evaluation of data assimilation performance and measurement design for soil-water-atmosphere-plant system
Abstract Improvements to agricultural water and crop managements require detailed information on crop and soil states, and their evolution. Data assimilation provides an attractive way of obtainingExpand
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Improvement of sugarcane crop simulation by SWAP-WOFOST model via data assimilation
Abstract Uncertainty in sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum (L.)) growth modeling is caused by a poor description of events such as artificial leaf stripping and natural storms. Data assimilationExpand
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Multilayer Soil Moisture Mapping at a Regional Scale from Multisource Data via a Machine Learning Method
We map the 500-m, 8-day average and daily soil moisture at different soil depths in Oklahoma from remotely sensed and ground-measured data using the random forest method, which is one of the machine-learning approaches. Expand
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Data assimilation of soil water flow by considering multiple uncertainty sources and spatial–temporal features: a field-scale real case study
Accurate estimates of soil moisture and soil hydraulic parameters via data assimilation largely depend on the quality of the model structure, input data and observations. Often, however, all of thisExpand
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Sensor array based on carbon dots for ATP-related physiological phosphates detecting and ATP hydrolysis monitoring
Abstract A simple indicator displacement assay (IDA)-based array system was established by using Fe(III)-responsive fluorescent carbon dots (CDs) and Fe(III) to detect ATP-related physiologicalExpand
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Improvement of sugarcane yield estimation by assimilating UAV-derived plant height observations
Abstract Crop yield estimation plays a significant role in agricultural development and management decision making. Simulation of crop growth at field scales requires high-resolution remote sensingExpand