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A total of 1088 vibrios and related species were isolated from seafood and aquacultured foods available in Taiwan. They were identified as Vibrio alginolyticus, V. cholerae, V. fluvialis I, V. fluvialis II, V. parahaemolyticus, V. mimicus, Aeromonas caviae, A. hydrophila, A. sobria and other species. Incidence of these Vibrio and Aeromonas species in these(More)
Japanese encephalitis virus is a common cause of viral encephalitis in Asia with an estimated 45,000 cases annually. It causes significant morbidity and mortality. It is transmitted primarily by Culex mosquitoes between birds and animals, while man is thought to be an accidental, dead-end host. Since dengue is also prevalent usually in Japanese(More)
Merkel cell carcinoma is an uncommon primary neuroendocrine neoplasm of the skin that may exhibit divergent differentiation. However, rhabdomyosarcomatous differentiation has only been rarely described and takes the form of isolated rhabdomyoblasts. We describe a case of cutaneous Merkel cell carcinoma with biphasic morphology imparted by discrete patches(More)
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