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Morphological delimitation of Asian black truffles, including Tuber himalayense, T. indicum, T. sinense, T. pseudohimalayense, T. formosanum and T. pseudoexcavatum, has remained problematic and even phylogenetic analyses have been controversial. In this study, we combined five years of field investigation in China with morphological study and DNA sequences(More)
A dark-septate endophytic (DSE) fungus EF-37 was isolated from the roots of Saussurea involucrata Kar. et Kir., an endangered Chinese medicinal plant. The molecular identification of the fungus was based on internal transcribed spacer regions and the result showed that EF-37 was congeneric to Mycocentrospora. This study was conducted to clarify the(More)
The seed germination of orchids under natural conditions requires association with mycorrhizal fungi. Dendrobium nobile and Dendrobium chrysanthum are threatened orchid species in China where they are considered medicinal plants. For conservation and application of Dendrobium using symbiosis technology, we isolated culturable endophytic and mycorrhizal(More)
The purpose of this study was to isolate and characterize endophytic fungi from the stem tissue which can produce fragrant ingredients in Aquilaria sinensis (also called agarwood) to determine their antitumor and antimicrobial activities. Twenty-eight fungal endophytes were isolated from agarwood by strict sterile sample preparation and were classified into(More)
Endophytic fungi are rich in species diversity and may play an important role in the fitness of their host plants. This study investigated the diversity and antimicrobial potential of endophytic fungi obtained from Saussurea involucrata KAR. et KIR. A total of 49 endophytic fungi were isolated from S. involucrata and identified using morphological and(More)
Holcoglossum is one of the smaller genera of Orchidaceae, mainly distributed in southwest China. Some members of this genus as well as H. rupestre and H. flavescens are endemic and rare Chinese orchids. As far as we know, little work has been done concerning the relationships between the Holcoglossum plants and endophytic microorganisms. In this study, 46(More)
A new sesquiterpene glycoside with a picrotoxane-type aglycone has been isolated from the stems of Dendrobium nobile Lindl. Its structure was elucidated as 7,12-dihydroxy-5-hydroxymethyl-11-isopropyl-6-methyl-9-oxatricyclo[,6)]undecan-10-one-15-O-beta-D-glucopyranoside on the basis of spectroscopic data and chemical methods.
Endophytic fungi are rich in orchids and have great impacts on their host plants. 53 endophytes (30 isolates from Dendrobium devonianum and 23 endophytic fungi from D. thyrsiflorum) were isolated, respectively, from roots and stems of Dendrobium species. All the fungi were identified by way of morphological and/or molecular biological methods. 30 endophytic(More)
Endophytic fungi are ubiquitously distributed in orchids and have a great impact on the host plant. The diversity of endophytic fungi in the medicinal orchid Dendrobium loddigesii Rolfe was investigated and their bioactivities in microbe and plant growth were explored here. Endophytic fungi were identified by using morphological and molecular biological(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish a protocol of rapid clonal propagation of Saussurea involucrate by using embryo as explants. METHOD MS medium was used as basal medium and BA and NAA were supplemented to find out the optimal hormone combinations for adventitious buds initiation, adventitious bud multiplication and rooting. RESULT All embryo explants started to(More)