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Therapeutic cancer vaccines are designed to treat cancer by boosting the endogenous immune system to fight against the cancer. In the development of clinically effective cancer vaccines, one of the most practical objectives is to identify adjuvants that are capable of optimizing the vaccine effects. In this study, we explored the potential of(More)
Human factors have been found to be the major cause of vehicle accidents. We studied the driver-vehicle closedloop system. Using the motion-type driving simulator the active-safety performance of 100 ordinary drivers was examined for two conditions : obstacle avoidance and slippery curve control. From the resulting data a computer model was developed. After(More)
In drug screening, active compounds (actives) bound to targets are found in large collections of compounds. Typically, between several hundred thousand to a million compounds are examined. It is highly expensive to test all compounds in random (Random), therefore limited biochemical tests are performed in searching for actives. Consequently, chemists start(More)
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