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Membrane fusion proteins such as the hemagglutinin glycoprotein have target recognition and fusion accelerative domains, where some synergistically working elements are essential for target-selective and highly effective native membrane fusion systems. In this work, novel membrane fusion devices bearing such domains were designed and constructed. We(More)
Fmoc solid-phase synthesis of the N-terminal glycopentapeptide of human glycophorin AM, bearing the consecutive sialyl-T antigen, was accomplished using glycosylated amino acid building blocks on a weakly acid-labile resin with high efficiency. The benzylated glycopeptide was treated with TMSOTf-thioanisole in TFA and then with aq NaHCO3 to afford the(More)
The prototype glycopeptidyl fragments of serglycin, a proteoglycan with the characteristic peptide sequence of repeating L-seryl-L-glycine, were synthesized by a convergent method involving block condensation on a solid support. In order to facilitate detachment of the protected glycopeptides from the resin, a new allyl ester type of linker, which is(More)
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