Shumpei Yamakawa

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In this paper, we propose a ball interface "TAMA" (Trajectory chAnging, Motion bAll; "tama" means a ball in Japanese) that can change its own trajectory dynamically. Conventionally, it is impossible to go against the laws of physics. However, if the trajectory of the balls can be changed during flight, that virtually means balls can fly against physical(More)
The stress effect at the channel region of pFETs with compressive stress liner (c-SL) and eSiGe using replacement gate technology is firstly investigated in detail based on the combination of UV-Raman spectroscopy and 3D stress simulation. The gate length effect for the channel stress is confirmed by measurement and simulation. Moreover, the Ion dependence(More)
Thermal oxidation of SiC(0001) substrates with La<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub> capped annealing has been performed. La<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub> capped oxidation has shown improvements in reduced hysteresis and interface state density (Dit) for MOS capacitors. La-silicate grains, agglomerated at the step bunches of SiC substrates, have been confirmed upon(More)
Local channel stress behaviors induced by the combination of top-cut tensile SiN stress liner and damascene-gate (gate-last) process on the channel width for nFETs are investigated by using 3D stress simulations and demonstrations. It is found that the dummy-gate removal enhances high tensile channel stress along the gate length, especially at the edge of(More)
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