Shumpei Omine

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The dinuclear palladium(I) complexes [L(Ar2 HGe)Pd(μ-GeAr2 )2 Pd(GeHAr2 )L] (Ar=Ph, p-Tol; L=PMe3 , tBuNC) contain terminal germyl and bridging germylene ligands with the experimentally observed Ge⋅⋅⋅Ge bond lengths of 2.8263(4) Å (L=PMe3 ) and 2.928(1) Å (L=tBuNC), which are close to the longest Ge-Ge bond reported to date [2.714(1) Å]. Significant Ge⋅⋅⋅Ge(More)
A new triangular triplatinum(0) complex with bridging diphenylgermylene ligands, [{Pt(PMe3)}3(μ-GePh2)3], undergoes insertion of ZC≡CZ (Z = COOMe) into a Pt-Ge bond. The product contains a μ3-η(2)(∥)-CZ=CZ-GePh2 ligand on the Pt3 plane. Two molecules of HC≡CZ react to afford the Pt3 complex with chelating C, Ge- and Ge, Ge-ligands.
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